Welcome to IAESTE Glasgow!

IAESTE Scotland Skye Trip

Welcome to the official website of IAESTE Glasgow!

First off, let us introduce ourselves. You may be thinking “ICE-TEA? What is this?” which is perfectly understandable, we’ve all been there are one point or another. IAESTE stands for the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience – a bit of a mouthful I think we can all agree!

What we do is we help students get work experience placements in foreign countries. We help students get out and really experience the world and another culture from the local perspective. You have the opportunity to go to any of the more than 86 countries involved with IAESTE. You’re probably now thinking “That sounds really cool! How can I get involved! I want to go travelling too!”

Good news! You can get involved and it’s super easy! The best (and the most fun) way to get involved with IAESTE is to join your local committee (or LC). If you live in or around the Glasgow area then we’ve even better news: you can join us! Not only is joining the IAESTE Glasgow LC a great way to get introduced to IAESTE and help yourself get a placement it’s loads of fun.

We have regular socials, parties and events throughout the year. During the summer when Scottish students go out to experience the world we’ll get a whole load of students from far flung places coming for their very own international experience here in our very own Glasgow! This is a fantastic time to be involved in the LC as we spend virtually every weekend going on a trip or excursion somewhere! Highlights from the summer of 2011 include the 4 day trip to Skye, paintballing, the IAESTE cocktail party and many more!

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