Weekend twinning to Wroclaw, Poland

From Friday 5th until Monday 8th of February, a bunch of members of LC Glasgow went on a weekend trip to Wroclaw, a small city in south-eastern Poland. We were so lucky as to be met at the airport (after our Columbian finally made it through passport control) by the lovely Ewa and Zuzanna, who got us on to the right bus and brought us to our hostel.

After dumping our things in our room we headed out to socialise with the local committee. We ate amazing (greek..) food before heading to Czupito, a very colourful and inventive shot bar. We tried out some fancy looking (but somewhat less fancy tasting) shots and went to another bar to have a few drinks and chat. A good first night in Poland!

The next day Magnus had arranged a walking tour with a lovely man called Lucas who walked us around the city centre, pointing out some of the 300+ little dwarf statues that Wroclaw is famous for. We also stopped for beer and food, went to the market and visited the Cathedral of St John the Baptist for a great view over the city. We had pirogi for lunch before a short break at the hostel. Later that night we went to the local karaoke bar, and we all sang our hearts (and voices) out! It ended up being quite late for some of the crew, evidence of a good time!

Sunday morning we had an early start, catching a train to Walbrzynch to walk around at the Ksiaz castle. After a nap on the train and a walk in the fresh air we felt almost awake from the night before, and enjoyed a guided tour through the halls and rooms of the stunning building. Later we had local food for lunch and took the train back to Wroclaw. After a quick rest and dinner we went to a bar and spent the evening talking, singing and learning to dance the Polonez. The sweet bar lady kept the place open until well past 3am for us, and we had such a fun time!

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