CONNECT Belfast 2012

A little guest post from some of IAESTE Glasgow’s newer members here. About the various goings on during the recent CONNECT conference in Belfast. Thanks to your guys for coming, and for putting together this article!




A little bit about each of the things covered.


This dance must be known by all trainees throughout the world. What is great about this dance is that it is simple to learn and can be performed (yes, performed) to any song. Don’t know it? Ask a fellow Local Committee (LC) member.

Newbie Training:

Newbie training is training for those who are new to the LC and may never have planned a trip before or been to any other conference. The difference conferences available are:

  • JUMP
  • CEC
  • Annual Conference

The first two are more a mixture of fun and learning where as the other two are more educational and serious. These are all great conferences which everyone should try and get to go to, so they can expand their knowledge and involvement in IAESTE.


Julie’s video won. This video can be found either above or on the IAESTE N.Ireland LC website.

This video was made to raise awareness of IAESTE to “home birds”. These are people who are too scared to leave home, or have never considered how great a placement abroad could be.

Summer Reception:

This session was for those who had never planned an event before. This event was run by Andrew and Bob. This was a great session in which every team came up with a plan for a twinning. One team had one in Graz, another in Edinburgh and another in IAESTE town (great invention Anthony). We had to consider things like what do you do if you organised a picnic but it is raining? Where is the nearest hospital? What if someone is late? This was a great learning experience and made us think about what to do in the case of an emergency before the emergency actually comes up.