Travelling to/from London

Getting there

There are three realistic options if you are traveling Glasgow to/from London – Train, Bus or Air. Here is a table of approximate journey times. The railway stations and bus station are right in the centre of London.

Mode Time to Airport
Check in   Journey time    Time to Central London
 Train  N/A  N/A  4-6 hours  0 – 30 minutes  4 – 6.5 hours
 Plane 30-60 minutes 30-90 minutes  90 minutes  60-90 minutes  3.5 – 5.5 hours
 Bus  N/A  N/A  9-12 hours  0-30 minutes  9 – 12.5 hours

By Train

Here is some general guidance about booking fares:

  1. The earlier you book the cheaper the price will be – use for the cheapest fares.
  2. Buy a Young persons railcard (£28), it will save you 33%.  Prices shown are with the discount.
  3. Unlike flying there is no restriction on luggage and you can take your bike too.
  4. The train is the most convenient way – no check in, no airport delays, no booking fees.
  5. Note-travel on a Saturday and Sunday can sometimes be affected by engineering works!
  6. There is a sleeper service known as the Caledonian Sleeper which departs for London and Glasgow/Edinburgh each night. Booked early enough, this can be one of the best ways to travel to London.

By Air

Here is some information about flying to London from Glasgow:

  1. The earlier you book the cheapest it will be.
  2. Check the baggage limits: all airlines have different limits and they will enforce these! Ryan Air are the strictest and generally have the lowest allowances so make sure you check them in advance.
  3. There are five airport’s in London: London HeathrowLondon GatwickLondon Luton, London Stansted and London City
  4. Remember your ID and don’t carry liquids over 100 ml or knives!
  5. Don’t forget to add in the cost and time of transfers as these can be costly: one way rail transfers to the city centre can cost £1 to £30 and bus transfers from £8+ depending on the airport.
  6. Use SkyScanner to search for flights.

By Bus

Here is some information about getting the bus to London from Glasgow:

  1. The cheapest option usually but you’ll feel exhausted by the time you get to London, if you’re going down for an IAESTE weekend it’d be a better idea to pay a little more and get the comfort of a train/plane.
  2. The major operators are MegaBusNational Express and Stagecoach.