Renting a car

You may wish to rent a car during your time here in Scotland, in particular for visiting the north of Scotland and Hebrides/Orkney’s where public transport is limited.

Rental companies

Below you will find a selection of car rental companies and price comparison websites:


Please take note of the following:
  • The cheapest car rental prices are available for drivers over the age of 25. If you are younger than this, the cost of car rental will be expensive and you may also have to pay an “excess” charge if you have an accident
  • Depending on the rental company, EU/EEA full driving licenses are only accepted
  • Read the terms and conditions of the rental company very carefully
  • Car rental companies are very strict on the time you have specified you will return the car by; lateness may result in a fine
  • When collecting the car, inspect the interior and exterior of the car very carefully in case there is some damage which is not noted by the company and you’ll get the blame and the bill for it!
  • In central locations (Glasgow/Edinburgh), the cost of car rental is a lot higher; it may be much cheaper to collect the car from smaller, less busy locations such as Dundee (where trainees have been able to hire an executive class car for the same price as a compact car in Glasgow!)
  • Super-mini class car’s can take 3 people+luggage comfortable, 4 people with little luggage
  • Economy class cars can take 5 people+luggage at a squeeze (three small people in the back)
  • Compact class cars can easily fit 5 people+luggage
  • Where you fill up will affect the price of petrol/diesel; remote locations and inner-city locations are generally expensive and can cost up to 4-6 pence per litre more

Laws of the road

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the road traffic laws in the UK/Scotland as these may be different from back home. Read the UK Highway Code. Below is a brief summary:

  • We drive on the left in the UK! Therefore give way to cars on the left on roundabouts
  • You must possess a valid driving license, car insurance and have permission to drive the car – there is no flexibility about this. You will be prosecuted/taken to court if you disobey these laws.
  • It is a legal requirement for all car passengers to wear seatbelts; if you are not, you may be fined
  • The unit of speed and distance in the UK is miles per hour (mph). 1 mile = 1.4km.
  • By law speed cameras cannot be hidden so you will see speed cameras, which are boxes mounted on posts on the left-hand side of the road, painted with bright colours and a warning-sign (below)
  • Speed cameras are usually installed in towns and smaller A-roads where accidents occur regularly so they are there for a reason!