Like all big cities, Glasgow has its fair share of crime. Our trainees rarely experience any problems, but here are some practical tips to keep yourself safe:

  • Use Taxis to get home after a night out at a club/bar. Dont walk alone!
  • Avoid illegal drugs and generally abide the law.
  • In the unlikely event you find yourself in a fight, just walk away.
  • Keep your passport, money and other valuables safe at all times.
  • Beggars are not a major problem in Glasgow, but if people come asking for money just politely say you don’t have anything or ignore them.
  • Do not leave your drink unattended.


Scotland has its own unique criminal law compared to the rest of the UK. Below is a summary of key laws:

  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place i.e. streets, parks, squares etc. You will be fined £50-100 if caught doing so
  • Urinating/peeing in a public place will also probably result in a fine
  • Jay-walking or crossing a road when the green man is not showing is not illegal, but exercise caution when crossing the road – cars will not stop for you!