Make sure to check out the “Going Out in Glasgow Guide” section for more details on Bars, Clubs and Entertainment.


There are four city centre cinemas which are easily located. It is cheaper to go during the week, and most offer a student discount

Theatre and Concerts

Glasgow covers for all tastes and interests; from Scottish Ballet , musicals at the Kings Theatre, comedy at The Stand, to live music in small venues such as Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s to international popstars performing at the Glasgow SECC, O2 Academy and superstar DJ’s at the Arches. For the latest events pick up The List magazine or go to www.list.co.uk

Comedy Clubs

The Stand, Woodlands Road

Highlight, Renfrew Street

Theatre Royal, Hope Street

The Kings Theatre, Bath Street

Pavilion Theatre, Renfield Street

Eating Out

Glasgow has some of the best restaurants in Scotland and not all of them will empty your wallet. Indian and Chinese food is very popular in Glasgow and across Scotland, so there are many restaurants serving this in the city, although natives from these countries may find that the food offered there is completely different from food back home!

Glasgow is also unfortunately famous for its love of fried and unhealthy foods: fish and chips, döner kebab, deep-fried pizza, haggis and mars-bar all included. Try some at one of the chippies found on virtually every other street corner in the city centre!

The following website might help you find good deals on most restaurants in the city:


Or for more take-away style food check out:


For other ideas, check out Buzzfeed’s “21 Things Everyone Must Eat In Glasgow

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

You must be 18 to buy alcohol. Pubs and clubs often check people for ID, so make sure you are carrying some form of identification that serves as a proof of age in the UK. Smoking is illegal in public spaces so you must smoke outside. Don’t leave any valuables lying around out of your sight and always use the cloakroom in clubs to keep your jacket/bag safe. The LC will introduce you to a wide variety of bars during your stay, but if you are looking for something specific then just ask us!

People are generally very friendly in Glasgow, but late at night when people have been drinking, fights can start up like anywhere else in the world. Be sensible and just walk away. For safety always leave as a group and use a taxi to get home.


University of Glasgow: CV suite (with cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, spin cycles, etc.), weights room, sports hall, swimming pool and 2 squash courts. (www.gla.ac.uk)
University of Strathclyde: CV suite, weights room, sports hall, swimming pool and 6 squash courts. (www.strath.ac.uk)


Day Trips

The Summer Reception Officer will be organising a trip nearly every weekend during the summer. This will allow you to see Scotland with a group, which can be a lot of fun. However, if you want to be more independent, this website is a great start for guidance:

Parks and Gardens

Glasgow has many nice parks, the largest in the city centre being the Glasgow Green. Kelvingrove in the West End is also worth a visit, maybe together with the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum? For more information please follow this link to Glasgow’s parks and gardens.