Glasgow Survival Guide

Welcome to Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland (2.3 million people, known as Glaswegians, live in the metro area) and the third biggest in the UK! To ensure that you have a safe and pleasant stay in Scotland, we have compiled some essential information for you. Please read it carefully and if you have any problems, you can either contact the IAESTE Summer Reception Officer in Edinburgh or the IAESTE Local Committee in Glasgow.


The main areas you will get to know are the City Centre and the West End. Glasgow University is located in the West End, along with a wide selection of small/medium bars and a few clubs. The City Centre is where most of the clubs are (more than 20), as well as over 100 bars and pubs. Strathclyde University is located near to Queen Street Station.


The weather in Glasgow is well-known for all the wrong reasons! It is more than possible to experience all four seasons (rain, wind, snow, sunshine) in one day. Still, remember the saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”!
During the summer, though, we hope you do not experience any snow. The average temperature over the summer months is 13-15 degrees celsius. When the thermometer reads higher than 20-22 degrees, everyone in Glasgow makes the best of the good weather! For 1-2 days per year, the temperature can reach up to 27C, though this is usually much too hot for Glaswegians!
It can also be windy, cold and wet. Therefore a good umbrella or a water-proof jacket is essential. You will often find people carrying an umbrella on a blue-sky day as the weather can change within a few hours. Bringing at least one warm jumper is recommended as during the night it can be quite cool. A warm jumper will also come in useful for trips up north and up in the hills.

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