Glasgow Weekend 2012

I’ll be honest. I am loving the amount of guest posts we are getting recently! Here is another little one from our Summer Reception Officer, Craig Scott.


As we passed the half way point of the summer programme, the Glasgow weekend was upon us, offering the chance to experience everything that Scotland’s biggest city has to offer.  With a record breaking turnout of 55 trainee’s, not just from Scotland, but from places such as Durham, Newcastle, York and even as far away as Southampton, the weekend was shaping up to be great, before it had even begun!

We kicked of proceedings on Friday night, with a typically Scottish whisky tasting. With many new faces, a few kilts on show and an awful lot of people packed into a not so very big flat, this was a brilliant chance to meet new people, and share stories from the IAESTE summer, past and present, over some of Scotland’s finest exports.  As by chance, there was also a small event known as the London Olympic Games opening ceremony taking place at the same time, and this was enjoyed by all who managed packed themselves around the TV, to enjoy the spectacle.

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