Current Board Members

Sam Williamson

President – Sam Williamson

Our current president Sam became involved in IAESTE after Jack encouraged him to join after seeing what the local committee gets up to. After going along to a few meetings and socials he became encouraged to get stuck in, becoming secretary last year. He did his placement in a research institute in Dresden, Germany which involved him taking his first ever flight! Since then his enthusiasm has only grown and his favourite part of the IAESTE experience is meeting new people from all over the world!

Hannah GibsonSecretary – Hannah Gibson

In summer 2015 Hannah undertook a Mechanical Engineering placement in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. Upon her return she was hooked on IAESTE and wished to remain involved in the program. She joined the Glasgow LC and shortly after became the Secretary. Her favourite thing about IAESTE is getting to meet new people from all over the world and being able to travel around new countries.

Harriet Turnbull

Treasurer – Harriet Turnbull

When Harriet first found out about IAESTE she was keen to get involved. She first joined the committee in September 2014 and helped out with the Glasgow summer reception of 2015, meeting international trainees and joining them on various trips around Scotland. She is now treasurer of the Glasgow LC and is heading off on an IAESTE placement to Montreal this summer. Her favourite part of IAESTE is getting to meet people from all over the world and the opportunities to gain valuable work experience while travelling.

Jack ByresSocial Convenor – Jack Byres

Jack first became involved with IAESTE for the same reasons as most people: to gain vital working experience and travel somewhere new! He became a member in November 2012 and by February he joined the LC on a ‘twinning’ with Poland – those four days hooked him to IAESTE for life. He’s helped with organisation of Summer Reception, trips to Edinburgh, twinning, been Financial Coordinator for the LC, and joined several international conferences. He did his internship in Belgrade, Serbia and loved every bit of it! His favourite part of IAESTE is the hundreds of friends he has made around the world and always making more through conferences and twinnings.

Heidi Brede

Media Officer – Heidi Brede

Heidi became a member of IAESTE Trondheim, Norway in 2012, where she two weeks in took on the responsibility as National Reception Officer for IAESTE Norway. The summer of 2013 she did a placement in Belfast, where he met an amazing group of people, many of which she is still in touch with. After spending a year in Australia she is now doing an exchange year in Glasgow, where she joined the LC in September 2015. Her favourite part of IAESTE is the challenges and opportunities the organisation can provide, and of course the friends and travelling!